Engineer Educators Closing,
Take courses before May 31st.

Dear Valued Friends and Customers

After 15 years of serving the engineering profession by providing quality and affordable continuing education owners William Palm, P.E., and Dennis Barton are going to retire. We have decided not to renew our application for Provider Approval and will close the website on May 31, 2017.

If you have purchased courses from us but have not yet completed them we urge you to do that before the May 31st closing as they will no longer be available to you after that date.

Courses taken before May 31, 2017 will satisfy Florida continuing education requirements for the 2017-2019 biennium. If you want to complete your continuing education early in the biennium courses will be available at until May 31st.

Please be reminded that Florida as well as most other states does not allow courses to be repeated

If you have questions call me at 850-224-0500 or email me at

As Bill and I end our many years with the engineering profession, we are thankful for having met and worked with many of you and wish the very best to those continuing to practice in this most meaningful life work.

Dennis Barton

Attention Florida PEs…Courses to satisfy new 18 hour requirement now available for only $249.95

Legislation promoted by the Florida Engineering Society and passed in 2014 increases and substantially changes the continuing education requirements for Florida PEs.

Beginning with the February 28, 2017 renewal, all Florida PEs will be required to have completed 18 hours of continuing education in the preceding biennium (2015-2017). The entire 18 hour requirement can be completed through Engineer Educators for only $249.95.

Of the 18 hours:

  • One hour must relate to chapter 471 and the rules adopted by the Board. Engineer Educators has the new one hour Florida Law and Rules course, approved by the FBPE as course #0000003.
  • One hour must relate to professional ethics. Engineer Educators has the new one hour ethics course, approved by the FBPE as course #0009948.
  • Four hours must relate to the licensee’s area of practice.
  • The remaining 12 hours may relate to any topic pertinent to the practice of engineering.

If you are designing systems or works covered by the Florida Building Code, Florida PEs must take an advanced Florida Building Code course on the 5th Edition (2014) of the Florida Building Code that has been approved by the Florida Building Commission and FBPE before June 30, 2016. Engineer Educators has two such advanced and approved courses. Approved Course #730.0 on Chapter 9, Fire Protection Systems, and Approved Course #731.0 on Chapter 16, Building Structural Design. Either of the courses fulfill the requirement for an advanced course on the Florida Building Code and can be used to fulfill the Area of Practice or Pertinent to the Practice of Engineering topic.

During registration, select the Florida Law and Rules (1 hr), Ethics I for Professional Engineers (1 hr), any one or more of our four hour courses that is an Area of Practice (defined by the FBPE an engineering discipline tested by NCEES) and as many additional courses needed to meet the 18 hour requirement. Total price for the 18 hours when purchased together is $249.95. Individual courses may be purchased separately for $24.95 for one hour courses and $74.95 each for four hour courses.

All Michigan PEs now required to have continuing education
Complete the 30 hour requirement for only $349.95

If your license expires on October 31, 2016, you need 30 hours

Legislation passed in 2013 requires all PEs licensed in Michigan to have 30 hours of instructional course or activity to bring licensees up to date on a particular area of knowledge relevant to a licensee’s area of professional practice.

Courses must have a clear purpose and objective that will maintain, improve or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee’s area of professional practice. Continuing education may be obtained by distance learning through online courses.

Licensee’s must certify completion of continuing education prior to renewing the license and may be required to submit evidence of fulfillment by the department.

Engineer Educators has been providing continuing education since 2001 and has 19 four-hour courses that meet the Michigan requirements.

Select any eight four-hour courses and complete the entire Michigan requirement for only $349.95 or purchase four-hour courses individually for $74.95.

Click on Courses Offered to read course text and test in full before buying. All courses are offered on line or by correspondence (meaning we will mail the hard copy text and test to you at no extra cost).

All four hour courses are only $74.95 each and one hour courses $24.95 each.

For more information call Dennis Barton at 850-224-0500 or email to

Clarification of the Ohio CPD Advisory

The Ohio Board of Professional Engineers recently changed its rules regarding acceptable formats for continuing education and issued the following CPD Advisory:

Registrants are reminded that Board policy allows up to amaximum of three (3) hours continuing professional development per year for the completion of correspondence courses (paper, online, or other formats) provided the course and the course provider meet the requirements of R.C. 4733.151.

Important: Do not confuse correspondence courses and online courses. Correspondence courses are courses that involve reading articles or other text and can be received by mail or online. Correspondence courses are typically self-paced and participation is not monitored by the provider. These types of courses are acceptable up to three hours per year.

A clarification of that advisory was asked and the following is the response for the Ohio Board of Professional Engineers:

Yes, you may only use 6 hours per renewal cycle for correspondence courses. You do not have to take 3 hours per year. You may divide the hours up however you want over the course of the renewal period, but you cannot exceed 6 hours in the two year term.

There is a difference between online/distance learning coursework and correspondence courses. Correspondence courses are courses that involve the student reading articles, textbooks, manuals or some other text delivered either in print or electronic format. Correspondence courses are courses done by mail, email, computer or fax and does not involve contact or interaction with an instructor, or where contact with the instructor is limited. Correspondence education is typically self-paced and attendance and participation is not monitored throughout the course.

Distance learning or online learning means education where instruction is delivered instantaneously through an instructor, webinar or through live or recorded audio or video through the internet or other one-way or two-way transmissions. In distance learning or online learning the student is expected to attend the course orview the instruction for a set period of time where attendance is monitored. Courses should be paced by the provider to be one hour in length for each hour of credit.

If the provider tracked and monitored your attendance and participation throughout the online course, then you may use all credit hours awarded. If the courses were solely based on downloadable content for independent study (with or without a quiz), then you may only claim up to 6 hours for this renewal cycle.

Based on this clarification, use of credits received from Engineer Educators is limited to 6 PDHs per biennium.

Why should I use Engineer Educators for my continuing education?

Engineer Educators is owned and operated by a former Chairman and a former Executive Director of a state board of professional engineers. We provide continuing education courses only to professional engineers and that is all we do. When you contact Engineer Educators your call or email will be answered by the owners. Courses offered by Engineer Educators are accepted for credit in all jurisdictions except New York.

How much does it cost?

Engineer Educators offers all of its continuing education courses online and is one of a very few providers that will provide courses by correspondence to those engineers who prefer to read and work with hard copy. Below is our pricing system that allows engineers to purchase high quality continuing education that can be taken on line or by correspondence for the same low price. All courses can be taken on line or by correspondence for the same low price.

1-hour courses are $24.95
4-hour courses are $74.95

How to Purchase Courses

  • To buy courses click on Register for Courses
  • Complete the online registration form (requires a PE number)
  • Once registration form is complete, click on Client Login and log into the system using the email address and password in your registration form
  • Once logged on select a course or courses
  • To take a course online click on "I want to take courses online" on the Purchase Courses tab in the Client login area.
  • To take a course by correspondence click on "I want to take courses by correspondence" on the Purchase Courses tab in the Client login area.
  • Provide MC, VISA, or AMEX information

Reasons to Use Engineer Educators

  • Engineer Educators is one of a very few providers that offers courses by correspondence or online
  • 5% discount for veterans
  • Courses are FREE to members serving in Iraq or Afghanistan
  • 100% refund if not totally satisfied
  • Courses do not require travel and can be done on non-billable time
  • Phone calls and emails answered immediately or within 24 hours
  • Correspondence courses shipped the same day as ordered

Florida Law and Rules

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Wind Load
Design Criteria 3.0

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5th Edition (2014) Florida Building Code, Chapter 9: Fire Protection Systems (Course #730.0)

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Ethics I for Professional Engineers

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5th Edition (2014) Florida Building Code, Chapter 16: Building Structural Design (Course #731.0)

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Project Risk Management

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Common Sense Ethics

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EE 101 An Introduction to Electrical Engineering Concepts...for the non-Electrical Engineer

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Construction Project Scheduling

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Laws and Regulations Applicable to the Practice of Engineering in Maryland

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Managing Engineering
Services Contracts

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Emergency and
Standby Power Systems

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Systems I

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Engineering Overview

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Pumps and
Pumping Systems

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Grounding and Bonding
Electrical Systems

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Engineering Overview

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Administering the Construction Project

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Project Delivery

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